Featured Products
  1. Elevar Leafs - Lavender Elevar Leafs - Lavender
  2. Elevar Leafs - Berry Elevar Leafs - Berry
  3. Elevar Leafs - Mint Elevar Leafs - Mint
  4. Tangy Citrus Cannadips Tangy Citrus Cannadips
    CBD infused pouches featuring tangy bursts of sour orange and tart lemon. Crafted using all natural ingredients. THC free, tobacco free, nicotine free.
  5. Natural Mint Cannadips Natural Mint Cannadips

    CBD infused pouches flavoured with a balanced mix of sweet and cool mint sensations.  Crafted using all natural ingredients.  THC free, tobacco free & nicotine free

  6. Chainsaw Cold White Dry Chainsaw Chew Bags - Cold White Dry

    A roaring experience of strength.  A high powered tobacco and mouth-exploding mint flavour.  Nicotine content 45mg/g